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Moving Across the Country


There’s a reason I haven’t written many blog posts over the past month. I haven’t had much time to write during that time because I was moving. Not just moving across town, moving across the country. From New York to Los Angeles. Continue reading


Podcasts Taught Me Everything I Know


I love podcasts. I’ve learned more from free podcasts than I did from a $200,000 college education. There’s a podcast for literally every topic under the sun. Actually, there’s about twelve for every topic under the sun. A podcast can be broad or extremely specific. It’s basically radio on-demand. You listen to exactly what you want, exactly when you want to. And it’s completely free–except for the Audible and commercials that sponsor just about every podcast, though you can skip over them, anyway. While there are some podcasts I listen to for pure entertainment value, I listen to many more podcasts to learn. Continue reading

The Inception of My Screenwriting: Or the Movie that Made Me Want to Write Movies

InceptionWith the recent release of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, I thought I’d look back at the filmmaker’s career— and mine. Ever since The Prestige, a new Nolan film is an event in my life. He is the single-most influential writer/director on my own writing, and the film of his that has had the greatest impact on me is Inception. Continue reading

How to Learn the Art of Screenwriting for Free


My first introduction to screenplays was through my college screenwriting class. My professor was helpful in teaching me the basics like three-act structure, and I applied it by writing two short films. A college education is naturally quite expensive, but it wasn’t until a couple of years after college that I really learned how to write feature length movies. I didn’t pay private script consultants or attend expensive conferences and seminars. I basically taught myself everything there is to know about screenwriting, and I learned it all essentially free of charge. Here’s how I did it: Continue reading

Why I Started This Blog

1. Because I used to blog.

I began my writing career with a blog (Nova News) about my college basketball team, the Villanova Wildcats. The blog started as a project for a class in college, but I continued it long after the class ended— four years in total. I wrote at least one blog post for every game, which was twice a week for the entire season. Maintaing the blog built my writing habit, and more importantly, it taught me that writing could be fun. Continue reading

Legos Taught Me to Write

Lego movieI saw The Lego Movie recently, and besides teaching me that “everything is awesome”, it reminded me of my childhood playing with Legos. I was an avid collector and loved building the sets then later playing with them. Unlike the child in the movie, I generally followed the instructions, but just like him, when I played with my Legos, I created elaborate stories with the figures and settings. Continue reading