Tim “TZ” Barry is a writer originally from Rockland County, New York, currently living in Los Angeles, California.


I write novelsshort stories, and screenplays, mainly in the genres of science fiction and/or mystery. I also blog about such topics as:

  • Writing (my work and other authors)
  • Movies and screenwriting (I’m a cinephile, and screenplays were my first foray into creative writing.)
  • Health (I’m a lifelong vegetarian and, for the past few years, plant-based vegan.)
  • Social anxiety and introversion (and the differences between the two) — I’m an extreme introvert (and happily so), but I struggled with social anxiety in the past before learning coping mechanisms like cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness meditation.
  • Anything else I find interesting (including science, philosophy, history, sports, psychology, futurism, evolution, time travel, simulation theory, AI, consciousness, robots, dinosaurs, sharks, and outer space…)