Feature-length screenplays:

  • Playing Zelda – (Comedy/Drama) High school coming of age story.
  • A Nickel in Time – (Science Fiction/Comedy) A screenwriter researching a movie about time travel accidentally gets transported 50 years into the future.
  • Roses Are Blue – (Mystery/Thriller) Set in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, a prison psychologist’s husband goes missing, and his young female patient seems to be involved.
  • Socratic Method – (Crime/Thriller/Mystery) Two detectives investigate a serial killer who targets victims based on the philosophy of Socrates.
  • Prolepsis – (Science Fiction/Noir) In a world with devices that let you instantly time travel to the future, a private detective waits in the present for his wife’s killer to return from the past.
  • Hover Punks – (Science Fiction/Action/Thriller) In a post-singularity future New York City, a hoverboarding slacker teams up with a brain hacker to save the world from a digital brain virus that caused everyone to freeze.
  • TV Heaven – (Fantasy/Comedy) When a TV character’s show is unexpectedly canceled early, he is sent to TV Heaven, a magical town full of the greatest characters from television history. However, he believes he is real and desperately tries to get back to the real world to finish his show.
  • Fins – (Drama/Thriller) Two animal rights activists try to take down San Francisco’s black market shark finning trade.
  • Artificial Intimacy – (Science Fiction/Drama/Romance) In the near future, a young man experiences relationship problems with his android girlfriend.
  • The Spec – (Comedy/Fantasy) A meta-comedy about a screenwriter narrating his own script (about a screenwriter trying a sell a script) as he writes it.
  • Work for Idle Hands – (Mystery/Science Fiction) A Kafkaesque story about an assembly line worker who discovers the men in the next room have been disassembling the same parts he puts together, leading him on a labyrinthine journey through the factory to learn the truth about his job.

Short films:

  • A Day Called X – Set in a post-apocalyptic underground bunker.
  • Pre-Prolepsis – A time-travel bank heist.
  • Bastards of Bond – A comedy about the illegitimate children of 007.
  • Hacking Mars