Story Addict: A Collection of 27 Short Stories


Hi, my name is TZ Barry, and I’m a story addict…

Story Addict is a collection of 27 short stories written between 2010 and 2018, spanning a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, thriller, literary, magical realism, dark humor, and satire. There’s time travel, telepathy, parallel universes, aliens, robots, artificial intelligence, hackers, spies, invisibility, dinosaurs, wizards, talking jellyfish, and more. The lengths of the stories vary from 300 words to over 6,000 (60,000 words in total). Eight of the stories have been previously published while nineteen are new to this collection. The stories are not connected and can be read in any order.

Table of Contents:

The ebook and paperback versions of Story Addict are available now on Amazon.

You can also buy the book at a discount from me directly via Paypal, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies at any price of your choosing. Just email me with your preferred file format (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) and payment method.

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