Best Music of 2018


As I said last year, I like to listen to music while writing. It helps me stay focused and tune out any background noise. But if I’m writing (or reading) words, I find other words distracting, so I usually listen to instrumental music (mainly electronic/ambient). I listened to a lot of older albums, and I’m always discovering new artists (and old artists new to me), but these were my favorite albums (released in 2018) to write to:

  1. Jon Hopkins — Singularity
  2. The Field — Infinite Moment
  3. Steve Hauschildt — Dissolvi
  4. Max Cooper — One Hundred Billion Sparks
  5. Tim Hecker — Konoyo
  6. Szun Waves — New Hymn to Freedom
  7. Jake Schrock — Tropical Depression
  8. Shinichi Atobe — Heat
  9. Simian Mobile Disco — Murmurations
  10. Ross from Friends — Family Portrait

As for “regular” music, with “words,” my tastes are varied and eclectic (and apparently “adventurous”) — basically not mainstream hits. The radio used to be the only way to discover new music, but I never listen to the radio anymore (and was never a fan of radio hits, anyway). Today, most of the new music I discover is through Spotify: either their recommendation algorithm (which is getting pretty good) or by looking at the “Fans Also Like” list under the artists I already enjoy (which has also been fairly accurate). I’ve also gotten some recommendations from the music blog Gorilla vs. Bear.


  1. Beach House — 7
  2. Peaking Lights — Sea of Sand
  3. Computer Magic — Danz
  4. Parquet Courts — Wide Awake!
  5. Animal Collective — Tangerine Reef
  6. Makeness — Loud Patterns
  7. Fascinator — Water Signs
  8. Pastel Ghost — Ethereality
  9. Milo — budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies
  10. Frankie Cosmos — Vessel

That was my year in music. I also created a bunch of electronic songs myself in Garageband, which has become a hobby of mine. I may share those at some point (when they’re ready).

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