New Substack: Time Zone Weird

I am starting a Substack newsletter devoted exclusively to my short fiction. (I will continue to post nonfiction on this blog.)

Time Zone Weird is a place for fiction located on the frontiers of sci-fi, philosophy, futurism, and horror. If you’ve read my short fiction, you can expect more of the same.

To begin, the majority of TZW content will be an ongoing science-fiction satire series titled “Future Fake News.”

Future Fake News (FFN) are short news reports from possible and impossible futures, some humorous, others horrific, all squarely located within the Time Zone of Weird. (Think of my short story about Super Bowl XCIX.) FFN posts will include short satirical news stories, advertisements for future products, visions of dark futures, or simply bits of futuristic world-building that I’m working on for longer science fiction books.

I am creating this Substack as a place to publish quick short fiction pieces more regularly while I work on my longer more time-consuming projects, which include novels, novellas, and three themed short story collections: one about artificial intelligence, another about virtual reality/simulation theory, and a third composed of horror and weird fiction. Some of that material may appear on Time Zone Weird prior to the publication of those books.

For now, “Future Fake News” posts will be free and available to all Time Zone Weird subscribers, but some longer (non-FFN) stories and other content may be behind the paywall. I would like to make all my short fiction free online so it can spread as widely as possible, but for those who can afford to do so, I would greatly appreciate you helping to support my creative work—either through a Substack subscription or a one-time donation via PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Thank you for visiting TIME ZONE WEIRD.

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