Why I Started This Blog


1. Because I used to blog.

I began my writing career with a blog (Nova News) about my college basketball team, the Villanova Wildcats. The blog started as a project for a class in college, but I continued it long after the class ended— four years in total. I wrote at least one blog post for every game, which was twice a week for the entire season. Maintaining the blog built my writing habit, and more importantly, it taught me that writing could be fun.

2. Because movies are hard to get made.

I ended the blog because I wasn’t able to watch every Nova basketball game, and I wanted to focus more time on screenplays. I enjoyed blogging, but I desired to write something longer lasting, like a movie. Screenwriting has been creatively fulfilling for me personally, but as of now, none of my scripts have been sold, never mind made into movies for the world to see.  Although no one may ever read this blog post, once I press publish, it is out there on the internet for anyone and everyone to see.

3. Because novels take a long time to write.

Frustrated by the difficulty of getting movies made, I switched to novels, beginning by adapting one of my old screenplays. Novels may be the purest form of writing, but my first book took me about two years to write. Perhaps (hopefully) I can write quicker in the future with more experience, but writing a full novel will always be a large time commitment. It’s nice to be able to publish some shorter form content in the meantime.

4. Because everybody has a blog.

Seriously. The only authors without blogs are either completely unknown or so popular that they don’t need the extra exposure. Right now, I’m in the former group, but hoping to move closer to the latter.

5. Because of you.

Whoever you are, reading this right now, this blog is for you. I don’t claim to know everything. In fact, like Socrates, I’d say I know nothing. The best I can do is pass on whatever little wisdom I have learned about writing and life in general.

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