Under Space: A Short Story


“Under Space” is a science fiction short story that I originally published on this website a couple of years ago. I had only written screenplays back then, and “Under Space” was my first attempt at prose. Looking back, it was a little rough, so I re-edited the story and created a new cover. The updated version of the 6,500-word short story is now available on Amazon and other online retailers. You can still read a free sample of the story at the original link here.

“Under Space” by Tim Barry Jr.

Hundreds of years in the future, the surface of earth has become overheated and inhabitable due to climate change. Humanity has moved on to four underwater colonies—giant metal spherical structures floating in the oceans.

Fin is a young boy living on Atlantic Colony, and his school teacher has tasked him to keep a daily journal. Fin’s entries detail what daily life is like on the underwater colony, and what it’s like when, due to rising temperatures and worsening conditions, he is forced to leave.

Under Space

P.S.: Some of the Star Wars references in “Under Space” are already outdated, since when I wrote the story it didn’t appear that there would ever be new movies. Strike one against my predictions of the future…

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